Board Appreciation Month at Battle Creek Montessori Academy

Board Appreciation Month at Battle Creek Montessori Academy

January not only marks the beginning of a new year, it also signifies a time to recognize and appreciate vital members of our school community! As we celebrate School Board Appreciation Month, now more than ever is a wonderful time to recognize the crucial role that our board members play in our community and school. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought forward challenges in education, and our school board members have worked tirelessly to turn problems into plans, and plans into action.


Our board members ensure that our students have the resources and support they need to prosper, and for that we want to recognize every member for their hard work.

Elizabeth Turner – Board President

Keona AckleyBoard Vice President

Kristin BloodSecretary

Lisa Hahn Treasurer

Battle Creek Montessori is always looking to add dedicated, student-focused individuals to our school board. As a board member, you’ll help build a positive educational experience for our students and our community, and we hope to acknowledge even more members next year! For more information visit our website, and for those interested, please reach out to Kerri Barrett at

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