Parents & Students

Our BCMA family is just that. We look out for one another, we challenge one another to grow, and we respect one another.

Our building is not made up of classrooms, which might sound odd at first, but we welcome you to step inside our building during a normal day and you will see and hear that it works. The open floor plan uses bookshelves and class pets’ habitats to divide spaces into classrooms. At Battle Creek Montessori Academy, students learn in an area that promotes interest, exploration, freedom, and curiosity. If you haven’t had an opportunity to see our learning space, we invite you to come in for a tour to see it all in action.

Battle Creek Montessori Academy is an educational community that embraces the Montessori philosophy and teaches each child as an individual

Volunteer Opportunities

We are seeking volunteers in the Battle Creek community to help spread the word about Montessori and our school.

If you are interested in helping, please contact Ms. Brooks via email at We look forward to talking to you, and sharing ideas of how best to educate and inform all those in your reach on the magic of a Montessori education!