Every child deserves the best opportunity to learn and grow.

Here at Battle Creek Montessori Academy, we’ve created the perfect place for your child’s education.

We understand why a unique learning experience is a priority. We get it, because many of us are parents too – in fact, several of us have chosen to send our children here because we’ve been in your shoes…

You’ve tried other school environments, but it just doesn’t have the community you’re looking for.

You’ve watched your child come home from school with that sullen look of boredom, day after day, disinterested by the same old school routine.

Your child’s educational needs just aren’t being met, and you find yourself saying “is this really the school experience I want my child to have?”

We opened our doors in 2013 because we saw a need for a different approach to learning.

Through the Montessori style of teaching, our students are able to learn through discovery in an environment that promotes interest, exploration, freedom, and curiosity. They approach problems in a unique way, from using nature to learn math, to partnering with a student who might be advanced in a certain topic, to using learned Peace Resolution skills to talk through a conflict with a classmate.

Play and movement is human nature. So why would we restrict our students to desks all day long? The Montessori Method believes that students learn best when they have some creative freedom. This means we encourage our students to choose the workspace that best aids in learning, whether it be on the floor, at a table, or in a beanbag.

When children feel included they become stronger learners. Our school features mixed-age classrooms so that our students can work together to learn from one another. Our younger students look to older students for help, which in turn allows the older student to use their knowledge and confidence to teach and reinforce the lesson.

We care about the whole child and want to see every part of them succeed. Character Choices, our character education program, is woven into our curriculum so students discover what it means to be respectful, courageous, and compassionate.

There’s something different happening here…

It LOOKS different.

Our building is not made up of traditional classrooms with four walls, which might sound odd at first. Instead, we have an open workspace that allows children to move freely from area to area. In our classrooms, you will see self-motivated, curious children moving from table work to rug work, from letter sound sequencing to math manipulatives.

It SOUNDS different.

One of the first comments we hear from visitors is how peaceful and quiet it is here, even in a building full of children using hands-on materials in multi-aged classrooms.

It just FEELS different.

We provide a level of rigor that most public schools don’t. Our Montessori education style allows students to move ahead whenever they are ready, which allows our students to excel in their education. We get asked a lot, “what do Montessori teachers do since they don’t stand in front of the class and teach?” Our teachers act as guides and assistants to our students. Each day, our classrooms start with lessons and then have blocks of uninterrupted work time. This time allows them to dive into that day’s work – at their own pace.

Our school family is just that. We look out for one another, we challenge each other to grow, and we respect one another. There’s a certain level of familiarity and friendship here that you won’t find in another school setting.

Here at Battle Creek Montessori Academy, we offer a fun and creative way of learning that allows your child to learn and grow in the way that works best for them. We are a team of encouragers who want to see everyone succeed and reach their fullest potential.

You can only understand the true difference that we offer, by coming in and checking it out for yourself.

And NOW is the best time to visit – our classrooms are full of students that can demonstrate just how magical the Montessori environment can be. Come visit one of our classrooms, speak with our school leader Ms. Jes, and see Montessori in action.

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I love that my children are treated like the individuals they are. BCMA has given them a sense of belonging that previous schools did not! Thank you BCMA!

– BCMA Parent

Battle Creek Montessori Academy is a tuition-free public school, so your child will get this amazing experience totally for free. But there’s more than just a free education…

Before School Activities

Our Morning Enrichment Program is a program designed to launch students to the next level and prepare them for their day through fun, brain-boosting activities! Starting every day at 7:45am, kids will join their teacher assistants in their classrooms to wake up their brains with some fun, academic activities, while they get their bodies moving, physically preparing them for a morning of focused classroom work.

After School Activities

We offer LEAP (Learning Enrichment Activities Program), which allows students to participate in a variety of activities throughout the school year such as Rocket Club, Music and Dance Exploration, Cheer Club, French Club, just to name a few. Students in need of a little extra assistance can take advantage of our free afterschool tutoring. Parents can also use our affordable afterschool childcare program to help accommodate their busy schedules.

Outdoor Learning

We’re often asked, “What is my child going to do at recess if there isn’t a playground?” Don’t worry, teachers and assistants bring out jump ropes, balls, and chalk every day, but we also encourage our students to think outside the box! The Montessori Method encourages students to use their creativity in all they do. Part of that is imaginative play with their classmates.

We also have a nature path behind the school that allows our students to explore a variety of ecosystems with the supervision of a teacher or assistant. Our greenhouse and garden boxes offer the exploration of living organisms like plants and critters. Often times, classes will walk down to the nearby playground and pond for a fun change of scenery. There are limitless opportunities for kids to get out, explore and MOVE their bodies here at BCMA.

Looking for Preschool?

We offer a tuition-based preschool program for children starting at age four.

From practical life to math, our preschoolers discover their way throughout the Montessori environment. We provide the necessary Montessori materials to encourage independence and help each student develop essential skills that set the foundation for the coming years.

I am able to work freely and where I’m comfortable. I’ve learned a lot being at BCMA.

– Allie, 8th Grade

I love the math here! I enjoy getting hard math because it makes me smarter!

– Trenton, 5th Grade

I really like the teachers, they are nice and support us. Ms. Jes is really nice, too!

– Maggie, 3rd Grade

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Montessori Method, which is a type of teaching style that encourages students to use a hands-on approaches to intrigue the true learner within them. Montessori allows children to explore their interests, build upon areas of weakness, and master areas of strength. The right conditions around children support their natural development. The environment is arranged according to a subject area, and children are free to move around the room instead of staying at desks. There is no limit to how long a child can work with a piece of material. At any one time in a day all subjects — math, language, science, history, geography, art, music, etc., will be being studied, at all levels.

BCMA is a public charter school in Michigan. Charter schools offer the privilege of choice to all families. They give options to parents and students who are pursuing their ideal educational experience. Charter schools are open to all children free of charge who are eligible to attend traditional public schools in the state of Michigan. They are governed by a local Board of Directors and are required to meet and often exceed the standards of its Authorizer and the State Board of Education.

  1. Click “Enroll” and choose the correct school year.
  2. Create an InfoSnap account.
  3. Complete the application (for one child, you will have the opportunity to apply for other children later).
  4. Bring the following documents to the school: a) Birth Certificate, b) Immunization records or waiver form.
  5. Once the application is completed, we will contact you regarding your application’s status.

Coming into our first year in school after 5 years of homeschooling was scary. Our son was nervous about fitting in and meeting standards. The staff has been amazing working with him to make him comfortable and excited to attend every day. The Montessori method is ideal for his transition and he now gets up excited to go to school every day! We love BCMA and what it has done for our family.

– BCMA Parent

BCMA is a special little gem of a school. My two children have blossomed into amazing flowers. The “family” like atmosphere is instrumental in the individualize success of all their students. We couldn’t imagine a better second home for our kids!

– BCMA Parent

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