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Battle Creek Montessori Academy

Kindergarten is the start of an exciting adventure for children and their families! At Battle Creek Montessori Academy we recognize what a wonderful time this is in a child’s life, for many students it is their first school experience.


In a Montessori school, classrooms are made up of children of different ages, this allows us to have children who are not quite five (turning five before December 1) and those who have already turned five in the same classroom and when possible we blend our preschool age (children who are four) into the classroom.

This blend of ages allows older students to mentor younger students who are learning how to be a member of a community beyond their home.

Daily Schedule


At BCMA we follow all academic standards set by the state of Michigan for students from kindergarten to eighth grade. We do this by blending Maria Montessori’s methods for teaching children based on their development and needs with a curriculum that has been carefully aligned with the Common Core Standards.

In Kindergarten we also use play to build and enrich academic learning. One section of the classroom focuses on Practical life. In this area of the classroom, children build their small and large motor skills, which will help them when the time comes to learn to write. While academics are a priority we also focus on nurturing the whole child. This looks different in every age. Kindergarten students spend time in a community meeting where they learn about each other through songs, dance, and lessons that focus on building classroom community. During their meetings they learn how to peacefully solve problems through peace education. Each classroom has a peace corner where children can go to calm down and practice problem-solving using the skills they are learning.

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