Principal Appreciation Month at Battle Creek Montessori Academy

Principal Appreciation Month at Battle Creek Montessori Academy

October is Principal Appreciation Month and at Battle Creek Montessori Academy we couldn’t be more excited to highlight our hardworking and dedicated administration for all that they do. We take pride in providing both a unique and wholesome education, and that starts with our leadership. We want to take this opportunity to celebrate our leadership and explain what makes them such an important piece of our community.
Mr. Dave is an experienced administrator with over 22 years serving as a principal, 8 years classroom teacher and 3 years as an academic consultant/coach. Even though Mr. Dave is new to BCMA, he has already made such a positive impact within the school community. He brings a wealth of knowledge and prioritizes open communication. We are lucky to have Mr. Dave as a school leader at BCMA and in our Choice Schools community!
Our leader will always be a fundamental part of our school community, and we can’t thank him enough for his compassion, dedication and hard work. He serves as the backbone of our school, the one inspiring change, and the mentor who shape our youth’s future. While this month may mark the official celebration, every day is an opportunity to recognize and support this outstanding individual. To see more on what’s happening at our school, visit our blog and stay up to date with us on social media.

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