Ms. Jes and our bus driver, Ms. Tina, have driven around town and selected bus stops and a schedule for the coming school year!

We’ve made a few changes to the bus stops! We’ve removed a few, added a new stop, and changed the order of a few, to help get students to school in a timely fashion! Please note the updated times. This will begin on Monday, September 10.

*Please allow a 10-minute window for each stop.*


Stop 1: 6:35/3:35
394 Avenue A, Springfield MI

Stop 2: 6:40/3:40
Omni Credit Union, Evergreen Road Springfield, MI

Stop 3: 6:45/3:45
Thunderbird Trailer Park, Office, Harmonia Rd, Springfield, MI

Stop 4: 6:50/3:50
Hussey Ave/Michigan Ave, Parking Lot, Battle Creek, MI

Stop 5: 7:00/4:00
Bedford Hills Trailer Park, Office, 110 Bejac Cir Dr, Battle Creek, MI

Stop 6: 7:05/4:05
East Willard/ Eldredge Street, Corner Battle Creek, MI

Stop 7: 7:09/4:09
Parkway Drive/ Campus Drive, Corner Battle Creek, MI

Stop 8: 7:15/4:15
Greenwood Avenue/Wood Street, Parking Lot, Battle Creek, MI

Stop 9: 7:18/4:18
Garfield/West, Corner, Battle Creek, MI

Stop 10: 7:25/4:25
Wendell Street/Chestnut Street, Corner, Battle Creek, MI

Stop 11: 7:30/4:30
149 N. Wabash Avenue, Sidewalk, Battle Creek, MI

Stop 12: 7:37/4:37
114 Nelson Street, Battle Creek, MI

Stop 13: 7:45/4:45
Quality Inn, Knapp Drive Entrance, 2590 Capital Ave SW, Battle Creek, MI

Stop 14: 7:55/4:55
Cooper Chiropractic, Woodrow Ave South, Battle Creek, MI

Stop 15: 8:00/5:00
Parking Lot on Territorial, Across from Battle Creek Bible Church, West Territorial, Battle Creek, MI

Stop 16: 8:05/5:05
Liberty Commons, Office, 180 Carl Ave, Battle Creek, MI