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Setting the Record Straight on the Top 10 Myths About Montessori

What is Montessori, really? Find out the truth!

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What is Montessori, really? There is a lot of misinformation out there about it, and we want to set the record straight on the top 10 myths.

1. MYTH: Montessori is religious.

FACT: The word Montessori can often be confused with the word monastery; a community of monks living under religious vows which people connect with religion. Montessori is actually derived from Maria Montessori, the Italian physician who developed the learning method.

2. MYTH: Montessori is expensive.

FACT: Many people associate Montessori with the wealthy and specifically private school education but more recently public, tuition-free Montessori schools, like Battle Creek Montessori Academy, are popping up in communities across the globe.

3. MYTH: Montessori teachers don’t teach.

FACT: Montessori teachers are often seen as a guide to a child’s independence. The teacher presents a material and the child is free to explore it and learn through self-correcting materials. The teacher’s observation of the child helps to plan for future lessons.

4. MYTH: Montessori is all play and no work.

FACT: Maria Montessori believed that play is the work of the child. Through curiosity, the child is able to explore their environment and work with desired materials at their own pace.

5. MYTH: Montessori classrooms are chaotic.

FACT: Montessori classrooms can seem chaotic because of the many activities that may be happening simultaneously. However, the work of each independent child differs from his/her peers.

6. MYTH: Montessori is just a trend.

FACT: Montessori is not new to the educational world and has been around for quite some time. The educational philosophy of Maria Montessori was first introduced in the United States in the 1960s and has been spreading ever since.

7. MYTH: Montessori children will not be able to transition to traditional schools well.

FACT: Montessori children are able to more easily adapt to change. The grace and courtesy lessons that they were taught in Montessori helps them to easily adjust to meeting new people. Although some have questioned the academic rigor, Montessori children have proven to out-test children in traditional schools.

8. MYTH: Montessori is only for gifted children.

FACT: Although some may say that Montessori schools have some of the same characteristics as gifted schools, they were created with the intent that all children can learn. Did you know that Maria Montessori devised her method of education while working with disabled children? Just more proof that the method works with all children alike!

9. MYTH: Montessori is just for preschoolers.

FACT: Although Maria Montessori began her practice working with preschoolers, the Montessori classroom has expanded to reach Montessori students of all ages including the high school years.

10. MYTH: Montessori curriculum is not rigorous enough.

FACT: Montessori curriculum is presented in a cross-curricular approach so children are often learning more than one content area at a time on a deeper level. Research projects allow for further exploration of a topic and allows the child to follow their interests as well.

Still have questions? Want to see Montessori in action? Come check us out for a personal tour and see first hand why a Montessori education is the best gift you can give your child.


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