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Our Montessori graduates thrive in their new schools.

A Montessori educational model teaches a broad spectrum of students, successfully nurturing each child on their journey towards knowledge. When you combine highly qualified teachers that engage a student’s interest and feeds his or her natural hunger for learning with a sound curriculum that incorporates citizenship, leadership, and character development, you produce children who are ready learners, confident about their abilities, excited about achieving, and interested in becoming an active partner in the world around them.

Montessori tells us that the only really important thing in education is to teach the student how to learn. The motivation for learning must come from within the child. Human beings are born with the desire to know, the urge to explore, and the need to master their environment – in short, to achieve. In Montessori the learning environment is carefully prepared to train the senses, to stimulate curiosity, to satisfy the child’s need to know, and to protect him or her from unnecessary failure.

Through Montessori, children become confident, creative thinkers, self-directed and problem solvers. They learn to be responsible community members who understand active participation and involvement. They blossom into young adults who are independent, resourceful, and socially secure.

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