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Trust that when you choose Battle Creek Montessori Academy,

you’re giving your child a beautiful gift – an educational path

that’s fundamentally different from the one offered by other schools.

It is our goal to keep the LOVE for learning alive in each and every child.

We have found the best way to do this is to allow the child to truly own their passion. Maybe she really loves to read, or maybe he really digs math. Whatever it is, we want them to be able to embrace their strengths right from the beginning. Here, children are allowed to choose what interests and excites them within their classroom. They are able to make choices for themselves, which helps keep the excitement of learning alive in them throughout their education. Students are free to move around and explore, be hands on, and share their creativeness.

While traditional public schools are synonymous with memorizing, repeating and focused entirely on standardized testing, we approach things differently.

Here, we provide a unique open environment that emphasizes your child’s natural interests and developmental pace, while providing a solid academic foundation. Children make choices for themselves. What interests and excites them is important. From within a range of acceptable choices, they make decisions and deal with the consequences. They follow their interests and the fire of their curiosity is joyfully fanned.

In Montessori schools, entrepreneurs start in Kindergarten.

It’s true, Kindergarten students learn traits that help them to become prepared and confident adults. You will have a difficult time finding a Montessori teacher who holds on to the belief of waiting until their students are “old enough” to start realizing their dream. Instead, you will notice that the journey to success starts the moment your child enters the classroom on that very first day of school. Read more about six traits that both entrepreneurs and Montessori kindergarten students share here.

Here… She will fall in love with math.

Does your child struggle with math? Math is probably the most unpopular school subject… and it’s no wonder. In Montessori, math comes alive, and children find joy in the materials that meets their needs, interests, and mathematic potential. Come and see the magic of math in a Montessori setting… You’ll likely find yourself wishing that you had the opportunity to learned math the Montessori way!

Here… He’s not just another test score.

Students are not just another test score. Montessori students are carefully observed by teachers to understand their individual needs and interests. Children feel known, and understood for themselves, not just where they stand academically.

Here… He will feel right at home – safe and loved.

We are INTENTIONALLY a small school community. Children come to school knowing that this is a safe environment where they are free to express themselves – just as they would at home. Our teachers are passionate about Montessori and work to guide children to become fiercely independent. We create conditions at school that give children a sense of joy, a sense of celebration, and a sense that they are taking part of something bigger than themselves. Our children learn that we need to honor ourselves, honor our parents, honor all life, and honor other human beings. And, this belief model and supporting and caring environment is in great part why Montessori produces children who are incredibly bright young people, who think for themselves with terrific self-confidence.


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